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June 11th, 2011, 7:49 pm - Commencing: Operation "draw it n' scan it"

a.k.a - draw the comics traditionally and avoid being killed by mom while trying to scan them.['cuz my parents have never been really thrilled at my drawing obsessions xD]

updates might be a bit slow due to the fact that a chance to use the printer scanner is hard to come by D:

and hopefully the page editing doesn't look too bad ^^;

today i tried to find a ruler to measure the panels with.

unfortunately i haven't used a ruler in ages.

after an hour, i refered to the last resort - reaching into the closet.

there was actually the edge of a ruler sticking out of a shelf there, so i pulled it out and...the other side was strangely contorted and covered in MOLD.

friggin' mold ppl! but i'm using it anyways[after a great deal of washing and hammering]

the end.


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