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May 29th, 2011, 7:22 pm - Thanks guys for 50+ fans!!!

None of us[thats conscience...and the few OC's appearing here xD] thought that we'd be able to reach this in such a short time - 2 days O____O

i'm just used to slow feedback, so don't mind me if i'm a bit overhyper bout it xD

Thanks so so much!!! <3

Some other random crap :D

today i planted flowers. so i'm happy. simple ne?

and i also attempted to start writing a diary again. Not working so well. i'm just not committed to writing about myself and my boring life upon loads of paper that could be going towards a much better cause xD

aaaaaaand just a note here 'bout the comic[back to business...if thats how you spell it...]
Prologue is gonna end soooooon. Good news for all of you who thought i was just dragging it on ^^;

...and main story is gonna start :D

conscience: ohhhhhhhhhhh...this is a record. you've actually stuck to one scene for over four pages...but how long can you continue? @_@
me: shuddup. *stuffs conscience in a box*

thanks, once again!


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