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To protect the Truth a Lie is born Born to hide a secret. Existing only for that purpose. ...inevitably to be destroyed. This is the story of Pseudo, the Lie that was born to protect a imminent Truth and the one bound to it until that day comes - when all is revealed and he must disappear. But once one experiences something so lovely and thrilling as existence, it is hard not to feel a bit of remorse knowing that time is so limited. Keep a Truth. Give a Lie. But is it possible to dispose of neither?


» now updating 4 times a week?! O_O;

thanks to SOMEBODY...

but yeah i'll try to keep to that standard xD
...if my brain doesn't fry first.

japogioeo!!!! sorry.
[listening to nyan cat here @ u @;]
...my brain is officially fried.

but i'll try to post 4 pages a week anyways! fry or not!

and...is this post kinda pointless?

but it still has a point?

and now i'm just dragging this on.

so...thanks so much for reading the comic...and this :D
tee hee.

» Commencing: Operation "draw it n' scan it"

a.k.a - draw the comics traditionally and avoid being killed by mom while trying to scan them.['cuz my parents have never been really thrilled at my drawing obsessions xD]

updates might be a bit slow due to the fact that a chance to use the printer scanner is hard to come by D:

and hopefully the page editing doesn't look too bad ^^;

today i tried to find a ruler to measure the panels with.

unfortunately i haven't used a ruler in ages.

after an hour, i refered to the last resort - reaching into the closet.

there was actually the edge of a ruler sticking out of a shelf there, so i pulled it out and...the other side was strangely contorted and covered in MOLD.

friggin' mold ppl! but i'm using it anyways[after a great deal of washing and hammering]

the end.

» Minor Delays and Issues~

apparently my "30-day free trial" on paint tool SAI is over *cry cry sniffle*

yeah. so the whole question on "how should i continue drawin' this comic?" comes up.

GIMP is just too...idk...UN-smooth now...[i've raised up my standards a bunch O___O;]

guess it'll be back to the 'ol traditional stuffs?

but i promise the comic will continue to be updated :3
thanks for reading~! :D

» nobody actually reads these things do they? xD

whoaaaaa...are you actually READING THIS? *le gasp!*

i just wasted 10 seconds of your life.
[ or longer if you're a slow reader ||OTL]

thanks for taking the time to read this i guess? :D

heh...by now i should know better than to think up that plot "along the way" or keep drawing one character in the same position constantly...but...but...its a bad habit ||OTL

[omgggg pi....why u no work with mr.preliminary-plot here??? w(OAOw)]


these things are more like self-reminders than comic news...*sweatdrop*

» Some Changes/ Co-Author thingy is up again

srry, i upload like an insane llama[umm...if llamas could upload comics o_O]

probably gonna change the comic icon =P
[srry if it confuzzles any of you lol]

Also attampting to make the comic style a bit more consistent ||OTL

But the most important part for now is the co-author application stuffs.
I'm gonna leave it open for a week or so to see if there are any[so don't feel bad if i don't reply to them immediately ^^;]

...i hate rejecting people...so please please don't murder me if i reject a co-author app.


btw, PI. yes, you, PI. 3.14...whatever.
answer alreadddddy you procrastinating piece of mathematical formula.
[or else i'm gonna post a fanservice pic of your OCs here. jk. orz]

» Thanks guys for 50+ fans!!!

None of us[thats me...my conscience...and the few OC's appearing here xD] thought that we'd be able to reach this in such a short time - 2 days O____O

i'm just used to slow feedback, so don't mind me if i'm a bit overhyper bout it xD

Thanks so so much!!! <3

Some other random crap :D

today i planted flowers. so i'm happy. simple ne?

and i also attempted to start writing a diary again. Not working so well. i'm just not committed to writing about myself and my boring life upon loads of paper that could be going towards a much better cause xD

aaaaaaand just a note here 'bout the comic[back to business...if thats how you spell it...]
Prologue is gonna end soooooon. Good news for all of you who thought i was just dragging it on ^^;

...and main story is gonna start :D

conscience: ohhhhhhhhhhh...this is a record. you've actually stuck to one scene for over four pages...but how long can you continue? @_@
me: shuddup. *stuffs conscience in a box*

thanks, once again!

» omg. I. did. iiiiit.

lol |D
So amazing that this is the first time uploading something online without taking like...dunno...half an hour just trying to figure out size specifications? ...or trying to find that mysterious little thingy that i forget to fill in...||OTL

hope you guys are okay with the blood and not-so-gore[i swear i've never put this many bloody splots on a drawing before @__@] and my rather poor storytelling. Distorted plots are a habit of mine..cuz most of the time i'm probably high on excitement while writing them[or attempting to]

so thanks for reading! ^^
hope to see you again lol~

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